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Hosted VoIP - Intermedia How It Works

How Does It Work?

Your phones come pre-configured with all the necessary information to tunnel back to the service provider's secure server.  So basically all you have to do is plug them into your existing network.  Once on your network, your phone will have a secure ongoing connection to the service provider's server.  When you make an outgoing call, the call leaves your network, travels out through the internet, to the service provider's network, and then the call is sent to whoever you are calling.  This sounds like it could take time, but it all happens instantaneously, faster than a traditional telephone system.  All of your voicemail, greetings, auto attendant scripts, and programming reside in the service provider's servers.  So all you need are the phones and an internet connection!

Is it Easy to Set Up?

Setting it up is as easy as unpacking your phones, plugging them into your network, and activating your service. You're now making calls!  Programming your voicemails, extensions, greetings, auto attendant scripts, etc. is not difficult either.  Do it yourself, (Someone with moderate computer skills) can do it, or take advantage on our low cost professional services option and have AACOM set up your phones, and set up all the bells and whistles that go with the service at a flate rate per instance.  For more information regarding AACOM's professional services, click here!

How is it Different than a Pure VOIP Telephone System?

The simple answer to this is as follows:

With a Hosted Voip telephone system, all the processing and all the data storage are done at a secure server within the service provider's network.  This means all you really have at your New Jersey (or any location) are the actual VOIP telephones. 

With a Pure VOIP telephone system, or communication server, the actual box that does all the processing, call routing, and data storage is located in your NJ location.  You can then have remote phones or other locations in other towns, or other states, network back to this communication server.