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Hosted VoIP - Intermedia Money Savings


With Hosted VoIP, each line of service starts $25.25 for unlimited nationwide calling.  This is significantly cheaper than a standard copper line. The call quality on these lines is even better than that of a traditional copper line. (We Pre-test your network and alleviate any issues before any order is made)  It is very possible that any upfront costs associated with the installation of a Hosted VoIP telephone system will be made up for in your monthly savings on your phone bill!


With Hosted VoIP, you have several options regarding your upfront costs.  You can:

a) Roll Equipment into the monthly cost at 0% interest - No Upfront Costs
b) Install equipment and program yourself - No Upfront Costs, but not recommended
c) Have AACOM install your new telephone equipment and program your auto attendant at reduced rates - Small upfront costs, recommended.

With any of these options you will be savings money upfront over a traditional telephone system and you will be saving money monthly on your phone bill.  All while having a state of the art Hosted VoIP telephone system!


With AACOM's Hosted VoIP, you have the option of line sharing.  AACOM's service provider allows customers to share lines. This means that if you have 10 phones, you can have 5 lines shared between those 10 phones.  Traditionally with Hosted VoIP, if you had 10 phones you needed to have 10 lines.