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You can have your new hosted phones shipped directly to your NJ Business.  All you have to do then is activate the service, plug in the phones, set up your auto attendant, and set up your voice mailboxes.  The equipment is shipped with easy to follow, step by step, instructions on how to do all these things.  We realize that this kind of thing isn't for everybody, so if that's the case, let AACOM set everything up for you!

However in certain circumstances it isn't as easy as just plugging in phones.  AACOM has over 25 years experience in telephony, networking, and cabling.  Think of AACOM as your local presence and advocate as you transition to VoIP or move to a business VoIP phone service provider with a local vendor, such as AACOM.

AACOM Provides the Following Services for Cloud Customers:

• Pre-Installation Network Testing & Troubleshooting
• Hosted Telephone Installation on Existing Cabling
• Programming of Auto Attendant and Ring Groups
• User Training at the Time of Installation
• Administrator Training at Time of Installation
• Plenum Cat5e / Cat6 Runs

AACOM Offers Basic Service Agreements for Hosted Customers after Installation

• Remote Telephone Support
• Remote Training
• Remote Programming Changes
• Discounted Labor Rates for Billable Service Calls
• Discounted Parts for Billable Service Calls

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