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AACOM IPTel - VoIP Failover

Failover with IPTel & SIP Trunks

AACOM offers various levels of failover in the event of power outages, internet outages, or other failures.  With traditional PBX systems and phone lines you were at the mercy of your service provider and the ability of your PBX vendor to come get you back in service.  How soon can you be restored?  Hours? Days? Weeks?  How much business could you afford to lose?  AACOM's failover plans are scalable based on your company's needs.

Which Plan Works for You?

Basic Plan
- Your pure VoIP PBX fails over automatically to a predetermined cell phone number.

Advanced Plan
- Your pure VoIP PBX fails over automatically to an auto attendant in the cloud.  This auto attendant is programmed with menu options to ring different cell phones for different departments.

Advanced Plan 2
- Your pure VoIP PBX fails over to a a POTS line connected to your IPTel.  This makes your IPTel act exactly the same as it would with the SIP trunks.

Flexibility with AACOM

Want some sort of combination of plans?  AACOM can customize a failover plan to suit your company's needs.