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All the VoIP I Need

The AACOM IPTel IP phone system has all the useful, flexible, failsafe, and reliable features of a pure VoIP telephone system.  It has most features a normal business would need to function efficiently in their day to day operations, at an affordable price. Some businesses may need a more robust feature set that is available on other systems we offer but why pay for features your business doesn’t need.  By the questions we ask you, we can determine where you need to be in a new PBX, and our product line reflects our experience with many types of business and the typical things that would make a particular system a good fit. Our experience helps in your selection.

Affordable Unified Communications

AACOM IPTel pure VoIP telephone system delivers a comprehensive suite of telephony features and functionalities for small and medium sized business. Engineered to support up to 500 users and as many as 80 concurrent calls, MyPBX U Series boasts expandability, flexibility, and affordability.  Typically, AACOM IPTel's demographic falls in the 5-100 user system.