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Roaming Access & Teleworker Support

Users can log into any location connected via MXnetwork. They may login to any office they are visiting, or work remotely and be linked into an office over the Internet or private VPN. That person’s presence is immediately visible to all, and the users can all exchange instant messages exactly as before. The user can be reached normally through their internal extension number, or via their standard company number. The user receives notification of voice mails as before and can access their voice mail through MXIE or through the phone, just as at the home location.

Distributed Contact Centers

MXnetwork is an optimal fit for a distributed Contact Center when combined with Zultys’ Integrated Contact Center
solution. Calls can be routed to and distributed among agents that are located anywhere in the world. A single contact
center can include agents working on any of the MX systems that are a part of an MXnetwork configuration.

Toll Bypass and Least Cost Routing

All internal calls are routed over the WAN so that no PSTN toll charges apply. The system administrator can configure the dial plan so that certain calls to the PSTN are routed over the WAN to a remote IP phone system and then to the
PSTN from that remote location. This allows the lowest cost routes to be used for any outbound calls.

Installation and Administration

It’s easy to install and maintain a network of MX250/MXSE systems. Once the individual IP phone systems are configured as standalone systems with IP connectivity among the locations, connecting them as part of a network can be accomplished in just a few minutes. All this is done using the MX Administrator software; the same tool used to configure and maintain all aspects of the system . IP phone systems can be added to or removed from the network quickly. As changes are made to the network, the IP phone systems synchronize their data bases and immediately make the updated list of users available to everyone in the enterprise.

Disaster Recovery and Survivability

MX systems linked within an MXnetwork are organized as a peer-to-peer network. This means that a failure of any one
location does not affect the operation of any other location. If there is PSTN access at each site, users can make and
receive calls externally when the WAN fails. In this case, and for certain users (selected by the system administrator),
calls between sites can be automatically routed over the PSTN. This enables a business to continue to operate even
if other sites may be off-line for any reason. Any IP phone system can be provisioned from any location, provided the
person has the rights to do so. This removes the necessity of having skilled staff at each location.


MXnetwork™ is a software option for Zultys IP
phone system products that allows multiple
MX250 and MXSE systems to be interconnected
over IP to form a single enterprise-wide unified
communications system, making up to 128
separate offices appear as a single entity. It is
easy to install an MXnetwork, and it can seamlessly
scale to support up to 10,000 users and enable
global presence, free inter-site calls, secure
communications and interactive collaboration
across an entire network, regardless of where
the IP phone systems are located. Each location
is independent of issues that may affect others,
providing system redundancy and rapid disaster

Key Features

•Seamless connectivity between up to 128 locations
•Network-wide internal extension dialing, voicemail and fax
•Network-wide Presence and Instant Messaging
•Supports Teleworkers and Remote Access
•Survivability and Disaster Recovery - failure of any node does not affect other locations
•Scales seamlessly to support up to 10,000 users in a network
•Calls routed over WAN to save toll charges
•Distributed Agents for call center functionality
•Network can be administered from multiple locations
•Rapid configuration and activation

Seamless Connectivity

A unified system created with the MXnetwork configuration extends the features of one IP phone system across the entire network, to as many as 128 locations. Each IP phone system maintains a complete list of all users in the network and makes this list available to every user. Using the MXIETM client, the Zultys graphical desktop presence and communications agent, people across the network can see the presence (Available, In a Meeting, At Lunch, etc.) of any other user. Users also have full click-to-call, fax, conference, web-conference and Instant Message service
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