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Hosted Cloud Based VoIP Business Telephone Service in NJ

AACOM sells some of the largest and most dependable cloud VoIP Business Telephone Service providers in the country, including Intermedia & Nextiva.  AACOM is your local NJ telephone system installer, so you always have a local precense.  Cloud VoIP Telephone service is the most flexible of the Voice Over IP services AACOM provides.  Hosted Telephone Service in NJ is perfect for small or medium sized NJ businesses.  This feature rich cloud based phone system has HD voice quality and uses top of the line phones like Polycom SIP phones, Cisco IP phones, & Panasonic Phones.  There is a low, flat monthly rate and no contracts.  Features like eFax paperless faxing, scheduled auto attendant scripts, presence management, call recording, and voicemail to email are all standard from both providers. 

      Hosted, or Cloud, VoIP Telephone service is the most flexible of all the VoIP options AACOM provides.  Failover is robust, all phones can be remote phones, and management is very easily configured by the end user.  Business cloud VoIP telephony has the lowest upfront cost, but the highest monthly cost.

Zultys Pure VoIP Business Telephone System in NJ - Cloud or Premise Solutions

Zultys VoIP Telephone Systems in NJ are the pinnacle of Voice Over IP technology.  Zultys communication servers have some of the robust features on the market.  Using the Zultys with SIP trunks (Business VoIP Telephone Service) provides you with unmatched reliability, flexibility, and usability.  A long list of features includes: advanced inbound call center with agent monitoring, automatic or on demand call recording, outlook integration, video calling, instant messaging with media exchange or mobile app, salesforce integration, lync integration, PC integration (Media Exchange with Phone), powerful redundancy & failover options, visual voicemail/voicemail to email, presence management, mobile app, softphone, paperless faxing, web conferencing systems, and inbound call centers with statistics and recorings. 

     Zultys pure VoIP Telephone Systems are enterprise level communication servers, but because of their robust feature set, are very much applicable for small and medium sized business as well.  Premise based VoIP phone systems have a higher upfront cost, but a lower monthly cost.  SIP trunks are a much more affordable telephone service in NJ than lines from companies such as Verizon, Time Warner, Comcast, Cablevision, etc.  SIP trunks also have a better quality than standard copper lines, and allow for various different failover

Allworx Pure VoIP Telephone Systems in NJ - Premise Basic Pure VoIP Solution

Allworx VoIP telephone systems provide all the flexibility of Voice Over IP, with many of the features that users of traditional PBXs are accustomed to.  Allworx is perfect for small NJ businesses but is more than capable of handling medium sized businesses in NJ.  The Allworx VoIP telephone system has traditional PBX features like external paging ports, analog ports, and doesn't require users to transfer calls.  It also has many standard and flexible VoIP features, like powerful auto attendant options, customizable music on hold options, conference bridge, SIP trunks compatibility, networking of multiple sites, and remote phones. 
     As with the Zultys pure VoIP telephone system, Allworx utilizes SIP trunks which provide you with flexibility, reliability, quality, and cost efficiency.  Because of the SIP trunks, Allworx's failover options are a key feature.

AACOM IPTel Pure VoIP Telephone Systems in NJ - Premise VoIP Solution

The AACOM IPTel pure VoIP telephone system is perfect for people who want state of the art technology, but do not need all the advanced features that come along with the Zultys, or even the Allworx.  The AACOM IPTel, you have all the flexibility of a pure VoIP at a very affordable price point.  You still have robust features like advanced auto attendant, call queues, call recording, video conferencing, and desktop software.  There are also a variety of stylish IP telephones from manufacturers such as Polycom, Snom, Yealink, Cisco, Pansonic, etc.  The AACOM IPTel is fully SIP trunk ready and gives you all the benefits of the VoIP business telephone service!


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