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NEC SL1100Traditional PBX - Hybrid Telephone System in NJ

Traditional PBX with VoIP Lines

For business owners "dead set" against VoIP, AACOM offers a hybrid solution.  The NEC SL1000 is a traditional telephone system that utilizes SIP trunks to help save you money on your phone bill and provide failover options.  Benefits such as remote phones, mobile just doesn't have the benefits inherent with VoIPapps, desktop integration, multi-site, and other pure VoIP functionality are not supported.  The SL1000 is still a powerful business class telephone system, it just doesn't have the benefits that are inherent in VoIP.

When Should I Consider the SL1100?

AACOM is always going to recommend using VoIP, as it's flexibility, reliability, and functionality are superior to a traditional PBX telephone system.  There are, however, some reasons you may need to consider a traditional telephone system:

> Your wiring infrastructure does not support VoIP, and re-wiring is not in your budget.

> The rare case you have no need for any of VoIP's benefits

> You are comfortable with NEC, and want to upgrade to a new NEC telephone system.