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VoIP vs. Traditional Telephone System
VoIP Advantage
Compatibility with SIP Trunks:
Additional Licensing
VoIP is made to work flawlessly with SIP trunks without any additional licenses or fees
Remote Phones:
VPN Required - Not Recommended
A VPN connection for remote phones is rarely practical & is also slow
Networked PBXs, remote phones, or cloud phones
VPN Required - Not Recommended
A VPN connection between sites isn't always available & is also slow
Remote Management:
Secure - no additional equipment needed
Additional equipment is necessary to keep secure
Premise VoIP has built in firewalls and cloud VoIP portal is in the cloud.  Digital requires separate firewall and programming.
Moving Phones:
Phones are plug and play.
Require re-wiring - service call required
VoIP phone can be moved by simply plugging them in somewhere else.  Digital requires re-wiring at head end
Email Notification:
Requires Licensing
VoIP has standard Email notification and has diagnostics to test connection to server
On-Site Manual Troubleshooting
VoIP has built in diagnostics for virtually everything.  Digital systems require on site troubleshooting