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Intermedia Unite Hosted Cloud Based VoIP Business Telephone Service in NJ

AACOM’s most popular Hosted VoIP solution is the Intermedia Unite platform. We have this system installed in various business in NJ – ranging from small & large businesses to entire townships. Intermedia Unite is extremely flexible, reliable, and feature packed. Desktop and mobile apps make for a fully unified communications experience. With HD voice quality and easy to use features, Intermedia is AACOM top selling Cloud VoIP telephone system. Intermedia Unite also integrates with many different CRMs and Microsoft products!.

You can choose to simply have your phone ring at your office and go to a general voicemail or set up a complex call center with queuing options. All the inherit failover and mobility characteristics of Cloud VoIP are a standard with Intermedia Unite, regardless of how many other powerful features you choose to take advantage of.

Zultys Cloud VoIP Business Telephone System in NJ

Zultys Cloud VoIP Telephone systems are the pinnacle of Voice Over IP technology. Zultys cloud unified communications have some of the most robust features on the market. A long list of features include: inbound call center fully integrated into desktop software, outbound dialer with interactive voice response, web chatting integrated directly into the desktop software, and some of the most detailed call reports imaginable.

As with other cloud based solutions, the feature set is always updated, so you never have to worry about buying a new box to achieve a more powerful telephony experience. This is why Zultys’ Cloud VoIP offering is an investment that keeps paying you back, and will be the last phone system you will ever need!

4K Ultra High Definition Surveillance Cameras in NJ – Analog & IP HD Security Camera Systems in NJ

AACOM has been installing high quality security cameras for over 20 years. Even though AACOM has shifted it’s focus to provide businesses with pure IP options, we realize that some businesses already have an analog cabling infrastructure. We can utilize that infrastructure and still take advantage of 4K Ultra high Definition resolutions. AACOM can install these Ultra High Definition cameras in small business, large corporations, and entire municipalities alike. AACOM also offers cameras that can see in total darkness in color!! AACOM is properly licensed and insured to do security work in NJ.

Cloud Managed Secure Door Access Control Systems in NJ

AACOM installs secure card access control systems. The access control systems are manageable via a web browser or mobile app, allowing administrators the ability to add users/cards, amend schedules, lock/unlock doors, etc. easily. AACOM also has a licensed locksmith on our team to install new maglocks, door strikes, or other door securing devices for a complete turnkey, high security solution. AACOM is properly licensed and insured to do security work in NJ.

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