Why Cloud?

Cloud VoIP telephone systems provide redundancy, service, features, cost savings, and investment protection that could not be matched by Panasonic, NEC, Avaya, Toshiba, etc. traditional digital telephone systems. Click here to learn about the features

My old Digital Telephone system died... what can I do? HELP!

In most cases, AACOM can get you signed up with Intermedia UNITE, forward your main line, and get you back up and answering calls on your mobile app within an hour! We could then overnight the phones and get your physical phones working the next day (the following day the latest). See this case study for a real-life example of this happening!

How does a Cloud VoIP Phone System work?

AACOM configures the phones with all the necessary information to register with the service provider’s secure server. AACOM will provision our equipment and work with your IT department so all we have to do is plug them into the network. Once on the network, your phone will have a secure ongoing connection to the service provider’s server. When you make an outgoing call, the call leaves your network, travels out through the internet, to the service provider’s network, and then the call is sent to whoever you are calling. This sounds like it could take time, but it all happens instantaneously, faster than a traditional telephone system. All your voicemail, greetings, auto attendant scripts, and programming reside in the service provider’s servers, which reside in redundant data centers.

What's the AACOM Advantage?

We can provide any necessary network equipment that is compatible with your new phone system, or we can work with your IT department to provision your existing network equipment properly. We will then pre-train your team on your new system on things such as: how to use your phone, voicemail, desktop and mobile app integration, etc. We help with the porting process (the transfer of numbers from your old provider to your new provider) and provision the system how you want it. We are there the day it goes live to assist with any questions that arise while the system is active. AACOM’s available Service Agreements assures our customers of ongoing support. AACOM is your local advocate to help you every step of the way!

What other services does AACOM provide?

In addition to Cloud VoIP Telephone Systems, Ultra High Definition Security Cameras, Cloud Manageable Access Control Systems, and Mass Notification Systems, AACOM can provide voice/data cabling, High End Security Alarms, or provide IT services, Website services, Locksmith services, or Fire Alarms through one of our affiliates!

What areas does AACOM service?

AACOM covers all of New Jersey, most of Eastern Pennsylvania, and Rockland County New York. However, because of the nature of VoIP, AACOM can remotely implement and maintain its cloud VoIP solution nation-wide or even globally!

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