Emergency Mass Notification System

Emergency Notification System

Send audio, text, and images to mobile and on-premise devices. Increase the speed, reach, and success rate of emergency notification communications to get critical information to the people that need it

Panic Buttons

Trigger alerts from VoIP phone soft keys, call buttons, keyboard function keys and low-voltage relay buttons to notify the proper personnel in case of an emergency

Building Lockdown

Perform a facility-wide lockdown in the event of an emergency by sending a live or prerecorded mass notification from a desk phone, mobile phone, or dedicated panic button, and activate physical security or lighting systems to secure buildings.

Severe Weather Alerting

Monitor live feeds from the National Weather Service and automatically trigger an emergency notification when severe weather is approaching your area.

Building Evacuation

Inform key personnel of emergency situations and facilitate swift building evacuations through comprehensive emergency mass notification. Automatically dial your team to easily organize a response. Notify mobile users to stay away from the building.

VoIP Integration

Initiate or receive emergency pages from your VoIP phone.

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