Features Overview

AACOM Advantage

  • Porting: Moving your phone numbers to a new provider can be a headache if you don’t have an experienced porting specialist helping you along the way. AACOM can relieve that headache.
  • Implementation: Having a local vendor well versed in network topology can make the transition to VoIP seamless. That’s us!
  • Training: Having well-structured training sessions on things like using the new phone, voicemail, mobile & desktop apps, faxing, etc. can ease the fears of those reluctant to switch a new VoIP phone system. We’re there to help!
  • Support: Many businesses like having the worry-free comfort of contacting their local vendor for questions, changes, or concerns. AACOM is your local presence to handle any issues that may arise. We’re always awaiting your call!!


  • High Definition Audio
  • Ultra-Elegant IP Phones
  • 99.99% financially backed uptime service level agreement


  • Flat, per-user rate with unlimited local and long-distance calling
  • Unified communications – integrated chat, video conferencing, screen sharing, and file collaboration included with users
  • Included free Spam Caller Protection


  • Increase or decrease users easily and without penalty
  • Easily add or remove upgraded features


  • Standard IP phones work with most Hosted VoIP providers
  • Simple or robust call flow options
  • Users can use integrated desk phone, mobile app, and desktop app (or all 3!)


  • Hosted redundant data centers
  • Mobile apps allow for seamless failover


Unified Communications

Intermedia Unite combines your phone system, chat, video, screen sharing, file management and conference calling into a seamless experience that fits with your business size, needs, and work style. Get customizable, scalable cloud-based services for your business backed by Intermedia’s Worry-Free Experience™.

PBX Phone System

PBX phone system is a cloud-based phone system with an integrated combination of 90+ enterprise-grade features along with industry-leading network call quality and uptime. System management and call reporting features are handled from a single web-based portal.

Team Chat and Business SMS

With the Intermedia Unite Desktop and Mobile Apps, team members can send and receive chat messages and attachments (both individual and group chats) and send and receive text messages to colleagues and customers. All chat and Business SMS messages are instantly synchronized across all devices. Users can pin favorites to the top of their contact list and access full contact chat history at any time.

Desktop App

The free Intermedia Unite Desktop App brings essential collaboration tools together, making teamwork easier than ever. Users can see who is available, send chats and text messages, place and receive calls, share screens, start video calls and share files—all from one application. Available as a downloadable app for PC or Mac®.

Mobile App

The Unite mobile application transforms the user’s mobile phone into an essential collaboration tool for on-the-go productivity. Android and iOS users can place and receive calls, see who is available, send chats and text messages, sync contacts from their mobile device and manage voicemails all from one application—anytime, anywhere.

Video Conferencing & Screen Sharing

Use HD video conferencing to organize face to face meetings which helps to eliminate unnecessary travel and empowers teams with remote members to be more productive. Screen share online with the computer desktop which can be shared with team members or externally, in real-time, improving collaboration and speed of decision making.

Pick any phone to use for your new online phone number

Basically any internet-connected communication device will work with’s virtual numbers.

Polycom VVX 201
Polycom VVX 250
Polycom VVX 350
Yealink T42S
Yealink T46S
Polycom VVX 450
Polycom VVX 501
Yealink T48S
Polycom IP 5000
Polycom IP 6000
Polycom IP 7000


No per-minute charges or limits when you place calls in the contiguous 48 states


Send unlimited faxes instantly from your email, or PC applications without tying up your phone line


Stay connected to customers, employees, and partners with unified communication and collaboration services that support mobile and remote workforces


Keep your current phone numbers and simply transfer them to your Intermedia Office plan


Instant automated greeting that lets callers choose the person or department they are trying to reach


Answer calls on your desk phone, mobile app, or desktop app. Easily swap calls between devices to continue your call.


Eliminate static and service degradation with HD voice quality; it’s like you’re in the same room as the caller


Combine voice, video, mobile and file collaboration in one unified communications system


Give your front office personnel instant and complete visibility into who is available, on the phone, or busy with the receptionist call console. View the availability of everyone in your organization, perform blind transfers, warm transfers, and transfers to voicemail.


Organize employees, teams, and departments into queues so that callers will be routed to the next available company representative in the selected queue


Software integrations for your unified communications system to connect directly with various mail and CRM clients


Voicemails are emailed and transcribed to your email account, so you can review voicemails from anywhere


Use HD video conferencing to organnize face-to-face meetings


Schedule and moderate conferences using your Unite App


Easily integrate business collaboration tools such as instant messaging, chat, SMS and status sharing from the same interface that you manage your calls and contacts

Why Cloud?


There are multiple layers of redundancy. One, multiple, or all can be used depending on the situation.

• Predetermined failover number for each phone
• Predetermined failover number for each main line
• A mobile app for your cell phone integrates with your desk phone
• A desktop app for your computer can be used as a softphone which integrates with your desk phone
• The ability to take your desk phone to another physical location
• Unify all your locations and have them operating independent of each other


There are more options for service than premise telephone solutions. This can end up saving you money. One, multiple, or all can be used depending on the situation.

• You can program and install yourself which is free
• You can have the service provider program and help you install for free
• Use AACOM to take care of programming and installation for a low upfront cost
• Use AACOM’s Basic Service Agreement to make programming changes for a low fixed monthly cost


Cloud telephone systems have an abundance of standard and optional features that are automatically or easily updated

• Your cloud phone system is always updated and has the ability to get the newest standard features.  Some come inherent in the system or some canbe optional for a monthly cost, without having to upgrade parts or replace your premise telephone system
• Users have the ability to either use their desk phone, the desktop app for your computer as a softphone, the mobile app for your cell phone, or one/multiple/all can be used, depending on your situation
• Recording, voicemail to text, voicemail to email, analytics, call center, auto attendant, and music on hold are just a few of the features in a cloud system
• The ability to All Page to every phone on the system, regardless of their physical location
• Ability to have shared line appearances, similar to old style key systems


In many cases you can upgrade to a cloud VoIP telephone system for similar or less than you are paying now!

• Fixed monthly costs for unlimited local and long distance calling
• No service costs for moving employees’ phones, if the office is properly wired
• No service costs for programming changes, as they can be done by yourself, or with the help of the service provider’s free support
• You can purchase the equipment yourself to save money, if you know what to get and have a reputable source
• Dedicated or shared line pricing is available
• AACOM can install, program, & train you for a low upfront cost.  This is optional
• AACOM offers basic service agreements for a low monthly cost.  AACOM can make changes, answer questions, or remotely help you, if you feel more comfortable with AACOM as your local vendor


With a cloud telephone system you are making a solid investment for the future

• The phone you purchase are standard SIP/VoIP telephones and can be used for most cloud providers
• The phones are not proprietary, which locks you into that manufacturer or provider
• You will not need to upgrade your system if premise phone system manufacturers stop supporting their old telephone system
• You will not need to purchase a new system when a premise system stops functioning at your location
• You are not locked into one cloud provider or local vendor, so there is movabiity. (pending any contractual obligations)
• A cloud solution is scalable.  Easily add more lines or phones.  Your telephone system grows as your company grows

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